Multifunctional TV cabinet

Besides its futuristic design, a TV cabinet has excellent functionality; therefore, the piece of furniture may be placed in buildings such as residential and commercial units, in hotels or restaurants.

Although its name says so, a TV cabinet does not have to be exclusively intended for a TV. If you do not want a television in the living room, a phonograph, radio or whatever you want can be put on the cabinet.Practicality, functionality and minimalism.


Multifunctional sofa

This piece of furniture, above all promotes the idea of multifunctional seating combined with elegant design.It looksperfect in certain spaces, such as hotels and luxury residences;it can be used in enterprises and waiting rooms, cafes and discos, shopping malls, footwear shops or airports as well.

The sofa consists of three upholstered parts and a small ellipsoidal club table. Depending on the elements it can be used as a double bed or a small corner sofa that fills perfectly the unused corner of a room.

It is produced in Serbia and presented at the Belgrade Furniture Fair in 2013 which was a huge success, and presented in almost all prominent domestic and international journals.


Multifunctional baby dresser 3 in 1

A baby dresser originates from an idea to help parents to have everything at hand for their baby by using innovative approach and unusual design.A baby dresser consists of three parts that can rotate on wheelsand a circular pillar that is the main support to the dresser. The first part of the dresseris a chest of drawers specially designed for disposing necessary things for babies, such as diapers, clothing and footwear.

The second part is a baby cot, can be used for children up to three, which can also be positioned opposite the drawers, if a baby sleeps closer to parents. The element is rotated simply in the desired position.The third part, the most important one, is for bathing and changing diapers.

When the dresser is not used it can be convertedback into its original position. Due to its size, functionality and possibility of rotation it does not take a lot of space, and can fill the unused corner of a room.

The design of a baby dresser is suitable for all residential buildings, especially for smaller spaces and can also be used in hotel rooms where parents stay with their baby. This is a unique design of a baby dresserin both domestic and foreign market which I am extremely proud of.